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Three Year Pharmacy Schools List

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Interestingly, I couldn't find a straight list of the 3-year pharmacy schools. Here is a list of where they are, and what their first time NAPLEX pass rates were for the class graduating in 2017. The first-time NAPLEX pass rate basically says how likely a student is to get a pharmacy license the first time they try. This is important because most hiring offers are based on your passing and getting a license within 90 days of graduation. 


AACP 3 year pharmacy schools (Updated 2019)


  1. MidWestern/Glendale, AZ, 90.97%

  2. Chapman, CA, No graduates yet

  3. Pacific, CA, 85.06%

  4. UCSF, CA, 98.13%

  5. Larkin, FL, No graduates yet

  6. South University, GA 77.10%

  7. Roosevelt, IL, 80.00%

  8. Sullivan, KY, 82.86%

  9. UMES, MD, 74.07%

  10. Massachusetts-Worcester, 74.58%

  11. Roseman, NV, 82.81%

  12. Pacific, OR, 85.06%

  13. LECOM, PA, 81.37%

  14. South College, TN 87.21%

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